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[school-discuss] FLOSS Guy At USPTO

From Slashdot:

"President Obama has announced his intent
to nominate David Kappos, a VP and general
counsel at IBM, to head the US Patent and
Trademark Office. This move is particularly
notable not only because of IBM's much
friendlier attitudes towards open source
compared with some of their rivals, but also
because Kappos himself is open source-friendly:
'We are now the biggest supporters of the open
source development project,' explains David.
'Admittedly this policy is not easily reconcilable
with our traditional IP strategy, but we are
convinced that it is the way to go for the future.'
Not just a lawyer, Kappos earned an engineering
degree before working in the legal field. Kappos
has been described as 'critical of the American
approach to patent policy.' Given his background,
could this mean a new era for US patent policy?"

More info about Kappos:


Could this development help out the use of FLOSS
in the educational arena?