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Re: [school-discuss] TuxPaint and MyPaint

I am replying to my own post. 

I love Google.  Did a simple search and found Impro-Visor = a pretty decent open source alternative to Band in a Box.

Let me know if there is something else out there as well.  :)


On Sat, 18 Jun 2011 13:43:07 -0500, marilyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I finally tried My Paint.  It is really cool too.  Years ago I paid alot of money for a program called "Painter" that came in a paint can and smelled like paint.  Loved it.  Now I have an open source replacement.

TuxPaint is fabulous too, but is a different flavor and the kind of app we need for kids.

TuxPaint, the Gimp, My Paint, and Inkscape are a pretty great group of tools.  Thanks to you all!

Does anyone know of an open source replacement for Band in a Box?

Marilyn  :)


On Sat, 18 Jun 2011 10:02:02 -0700, Bill Kendrick wrote:

On Sat, May 28, 2011 at 12:08:38PM -0700, James Daley wrote:
A better app than tux paint is my paint. its a little more versitile
My Paint is awesome.  It's almost enough for my wife to not want Windows
or a Mac for drawing purposes. (She has a Thinkpad tablet, and we have
a Wacom that she used prior to getting the tablet.)

I must say, though, for young kids, it's hard to beat apps made specifically
for them, such as KidPix or (my own) Tux Paint. :)

An off-the-top-of-my-head analogy would be the little nuts-and-bolts
assembly toys for kids (Tux Paint) versus actually going out into the
garage and dismantling the car (Gimp, Photoshop, My Paint). Ok, so that's
a BIT of an exaggeration. ;)

PS - Next Tux Paint will include a number of (long-needed) accessibility