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Re: [school-discuss] Can some one pls. help me!!!

John Williams wrote:

Hi Somebody,
I have Knoppix 3.3, I don't have internet access on my small Pentium MMX. machine running @ 166Mhz and 42MB RAM. Therefore I always use Internet Cafe's when ever I have to be on the net. Most of the cafes I visit has small LANs (Just one server and five(5) to twenty(20) clients.) running either Windows98/2000/NT/XP, using radio link or Dail-up connection.
Question: Assuming I want to use my Knoppix-CD on one of their clients.
How would I go about it to set it up.
They would have to let you boot from the CD (which they may not do).

Dr. Robert G. Rittenhouse, Chair
Department of Computer Science
McMurry University, Abilene, TX 79697-0968