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Re: [school-discuss] Can some one pls. help me!!!


If the computers BIOS is set to boot off the CD before the Hard-drive
It should just be a matter of placing the CD in the system and restarting the 

I would check with the cafe people to be sure they don't mind their computer 
being restarted - or perhaps you could just say windows crashed and you 
needed to restart it :)

It is possible to make a floppy disk that will start the computer and hand 
over the system to the CD.  With the CD in the computer and the computer 
running windows open the knoppix folder in the knoppix CD.  

Have a windows (FAT) formatted floppy available- all the information on the 
floppy disk will be overwritten.

The CD  has an  autostart file which will open a web page describing knoppix- 
this will be likely be displayed if you double click the CD icon to open it.  
It may be necessary to right click on the CD and select explore to view the 
contents of the CD.

Go to the knoppix folder.  There is a file labelled  mkfloppy.bat .  
Double-click this.  It will run a program that creates a boot disk.  It will 
ask you to insert the floppy disk.  Follow its instructions, you will  end up 
with a boot floppy.  With this floppy it is possible to run knoppix as long 
as the computer is set to boot from a floppy.

You need to put the boot floppy in the floppy drive, and the Cd in the cd rom 
drive and reboot the computer.

It is possible that the cafe has set up their systems so they can't boot from 
a CD, or floppy - you would have to get their help.  Tell them you have a 
package that would let them run a cafe system that does not need a 
hard-drive, and its free,  They might be interested. :)


On March 5, 2004 10:03 am, John Williams wrote:
> Hi Somebody,
> I have Knoppix 3.3, I don't have internet access on my small Pentium MMX.
> machine running @ 166Mhz and 42MB RAM. Therefore I always use Internet
> Cafe's when ever I have to be on the net. Most of the cafes I visit has
> small LANs (Just one server and five(5) to twenty(20) clients.) running
> either Windows98/2000/NT/XP, using radio link or Dail-up connection.
> Question: Assuming I want to use my Knoppix-CD on one of their clients. How
> would I go about it to set it up.
> There is another case of one of the cafes I use running a Linux server with
> windows98 clients, but I do not know the kind of distro. or flavour they
> are using can I run my Knoppix on any of the clients and how?
> Thanks for now, any additional question(s) may come later.
> John.
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