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Re: [school-discuss] Can some one pls. help me!!!

Yes, Knoppix can be run on any hardware regardless of the software that is currently loaded.

What you are doing is booting up and running the software off the CD not loading it onto a hard drive and running it. Knoppix basically can be run in memory and because it a small fingerprint it contains the entire distro on one CD, and is *not* installed as most are used to expecting.

Once you 'shut down' the Knoppix software, it doesn't exists as far as the hardware is concerned. In reality, its the same thing we do with bootable media, but it has a lot of tools in a small 'fingerprint' distro.

We do this alot to show Linux to people on the fly. Kids love it and learn a lot about hardware and the mechanics of booting software (and how really simple all this *nix stuff is ;-> They can use linux on a machines where there parents are afraid to make the commitment *GRIN*

Walk up to any pc, pop in the Knoppix CD, boot from the CD, run applications, pop out the CD and boot back into whatever software loaded. No fingerprints ;-> We've had people show linux in computer stores where they don't have a demo linux machine. It amazes people that some average joe knows more than the sales person (we, being the local linux users groups ;->

The important factor is whether the BIOS looks to the CD to boot before the hard drive. If not, you would need access to do so (most cafes aren't sophisticated enough regarding security to disable the boot process which defaults to look at a CD first anymore, so its pretty likely you won't have to do a thing.)

If you have more questions, there is a lot of good doc on the web and I'll be happy to answer specifics once you give it a try (trust me, its pretty safe ;->

Have fun!


John Williams wrote:

Hi Somebody,
I have Knoppix 3.3, I don't have internet access on my small Pentium MMX. machine running @ 166Mhz and 42MB RAM. Therefore I always use Internet Cafe's when ever I have to be on the net. Most of the cafes I visit has small LANs (Just one server and five(5) to twenty(20) clients.) running either Windows98/2000/NT/XP, using radio link or Dail-up connection.
Question: Assuming I want to use my Knoppix-CD on one of their clients.
How would I go about it to set it up. There is another case of one of the cafes I use running a Linux server with windows98 clients, but I do not know the kind of distro. or flavour they are using can I run my Knoppix on any of the clients and how?

Thanks for now, any additional question(s) may come later.


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