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Re: [school-discuss] Can some one pls. help me!!!

John Williams wrote:
[...] But my problem is not
how to boot from the Knoppix-CD, but how to be able to browse the net from it.
Try this way:

1 - is it possible to surf the web using the predefined OS (say Win98) on the standard client? If no, you've no chance to surf the web using knoppix CD. If yes, go on...

2 - is web access granted using an HTTP Proxy or via NAT/Direct-Network?
To answer this question you should:
a - using predefined OS, you can launch the browser and then, after looking the preferences, you should understand if somewhere thereis something like: "Use proxy?" checked, "server: <some.internal.proxy.server>" or stuff like that;

b - if no-proxy is reported then probably the local LAN is "NATted" to the internet so you need network parameters. You can get such parameters with:
- Win2K, WinXP, WinNT: from the command shell, type "IPCONFIG /ALL" and write down "IP ADDRESS, Network Mask, Gateway, DNS";
- Win9X/WinME: from the command prompt, type "WINIPCFG" and write down same parameter as above;

Without having the values of parameters above, it's quite difficult to use your knoppix to surf the web.

3 - at this time you should have a clear idea about the internet connection available within the Cafe' so...

4 - put your knoppix CD into the CDROM and reboot the client.

5 - after little time, knoppix will probe for the network adapter and hopefully will find it. At this time knoppix will try to configure the adapter (ip address, network mask, gateway, dns) in an automatic fashion.
a- If you're lucky, there's some DHCP on your LAN and so knoppix will succeed and you can proceed.
b - If you aren't lucky, you'll have to configure your network parameters using some knoppix control-panel. In this case you have to use the same parameters found in step 2b;

6 - at this point you have your knoppix up-and-running with network properly configured. You can check if your network is really working by opening a knoppix console and typing: "ping <a.b.c.d>" where <a.b.c.d> should be replaced by the gateway IP address found in 2b)
(please note that if there's an HTTP-Proxy -step 2a- the gateway IP address _could_ be blank)

And now the (hopefully...) final steps:

7 - if the web-access is granted via NAT, at this point you should be able to open the browser and surf the web....

8 - if the web-access is granted via HTTP-Proxy, you have to open your browser and tell it to use and HTTP-Proxy: the same one you found in step 2a)

That's all.

What I wrote above is not 100% complete. There are lot of other issues that could became obstacles between your knoppix and the web but... at least, you should try.

Please, if you'll have problems, pay attention to all the details and... report them to this list: I'll be more than happy to be of some (other?) help.


Damiano Verzulli
e-mail: damiano@verzulli.it
"...Science, after all, is ultimately an Open Source enterprise..."
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