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Re: [school-discuss] Can some one pls. help me!!!

Hi everyone,
Thanks for the repply, infact I am very grateful. But my problem is not how to boot from the Knoppix-CD, but how to be able to browse the net from it. Some way some how it is not picking the network directly thereby not gaining access to the internet from the CD. And I want to know how to configure it to be able to have internet access from the CD. Thanks and hope to here from you soon.

TJ Miller <tjmiller@datc.tec.ut.us> wrote:
John Williams wrote:

> Question: Assuming I want to use my Knoppix-CD on one of their clients.
> How would I go about it to set it up.

First and foremost, you'd have to get their permission. Assuming you get
that, hit up this wonderful primer on Linux networking:


(and the tldp.org site is a whole list of documents online about a wide
variety of subjects...)

TJ Miller jr
OS/Network Eng. Instructor

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