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Re: [school-discuss] OSS in Education

We have been deploying Metadot Portal Server for many schools. They find it very useful for dynamic website management, parent communication (homework mostly) and online collaboration and content management in general. Each user (e.g. teachers) can have his/her own website within the portal so they don't need to ask the webmaster to add/maintain the content.

Here you can see some implementations:


Daniel Guermeur -
Live Metadot sites @ http://www.metadot.com/metadot/index.pl?iid=2528

On Mar 15, 2004, at 3:21 PM, Omar Olivos wrote:



I am working on a presentation for schools on the possibilities of Open source Software in Education from the technical and educational point of view. My idea is to try to explain --based on my limited experience-- on how to implement OSS in schools. I will talk about Linux Terminal Server, which I think is great, Samba, Open Office, among other possibilities.


Have you got any ideas that can help me?


I’m also planning on giving out copies of K12LTSP, OpenOffice, OpenCD, etc.


I would really appreciate any comments on this.






Omar Olivos