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Re: [school-discuss] ISO: Good programming language to teach an 8yr

Bill Kendrick wrote:
What's a good, kid-friendly language for today's kids to use (on Linux,
of course!)?
I would try Java, it might be a bit hard to learn for an eight year old, but there is a nice way to learn Java and have fun at the same time...


Not had much time to play about with it, but it looks good.

As other's have noted, LOGO is quite good, but he might be a little to old for that now. I know it was quite boring for me when I was forced to learn it in high school. (although I was coding with higher level programming languages at the time, so maybe I was just being to picky).

I think games like RoboCode is a good teaching aid.

I would also check out Python and Pygame.

Hope that helps.