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Re: [school-discuss] Re: ISO: Good programming language to teach an 8yr old

Jason Lai wrote:

> Logo was probably my first scripting "language". School taught it in
> second grade. It was interesting for about an hour and got boring
> quickly.

I always had logo down as a programming language and not a scripting
language. Anyway, If you got bored after and hour then I supsect you were
just at the polygin itteration stage. Did you go on to further explore the
control and musical elements? (I'm thinking mswlogo here)


> I'd recommend Python over any of the traditional languages like C/C++
> and Java (or in my case, my first "real" language was Pascal) but it's
> still somewhat of a leap over simpler languages like HyperTalk or

I'm suprised no one has suggested pascal.

> Maybe geeks still get a kick out of printing "Hello World" and
> printing out the fibonacci sequence.

Hope so :-)

Darren Smith