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Re: [school-discuss] Website admin for students


Read all about it: http://plone.org
A school in Israel I helped set up a system for: http://zds.objectis.net/
Hosted for free on http://www.objectis.net

A variant with some added (and some subtracted) features we've developed for our project: http://www.weblabs.org.uk/wlplone/


- Yishay

Chris Gillies wrote:

I would like to extend the content of our website to include more work from our students. As such does anyone have any suggestions regarding web construction/admin tools that are suitable for the kids to use. For example a tools that allows them to make there own web page straight on the server (I hope that makes sense).


Chris Gillies
IT Co-ordinator
St Thomas's School

Yishay Mor
y.mor@ioe.ac.uk Ph +44(0)20 7612 6963 F +44(0)20 7612 6964 AIM,Yahoo: yishaym; Jabber: yishaym@jabber.org; ICQ: 179772099
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