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Re: [school-discuss] Has this book already been written? - "Linuxand Open Source in Academia"

Wonderful initiative. If I may suggest, publish it on wikibooks, so that it gets maximum exposure and can be easily ported to other languages.


- Yishay

Janus Sandsgaard wrote:

I have en idea for a book. But before starting writing I would like to know if a book like this already exist.

The idea is a "Linux and Open Source in Academia". My target group is the non-technical students a highter education such a social science and humanities at university. People who are not interested in the computer itself and get confused with a 1000 choises - but need conreat and powerful solutions and something that just works" for their everyday tasks. Those people who without the book will working with Windows, MS-Word and Endnote.

The books is currently "in the making" in Danish, but I would like to do an English edition if a book like this dosen't already exist.

A small webpage about my idea:



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