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Re: [school-discuss] ISO: Good programming language to teach an 8yrold

4) Encourages good programming style - indentation is *mandatory* :-) objects/classes are an integral part of the language - but you don't have to dive headlong into classes before doing anything interesting (which I feel is a pedagogical weakness of Java).
Well, IMHO, this is one of Java's stronger points. When I teach Java, I usually start by explaining what a class is, and getting students to build a few. Loops and control structures are far more complicated to grasp than class structure. If anything, I would criticize Java for not being OO enough. But I guess it's not a matter of frame of mind, not a property of the language. I would say - leave the religious debate aside. Start with whatever language you are excited about, because then your excitement will show, and inspire your students.

All that said, here's one interesting candidate that hasn't been mentioned yet:

- Yishay

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