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Re: [school-discuss] M$ SELLING Open Source.

On Tue, 16 Mar 2004, Tom Adelstein wrote:

> That's not true.  You should check to see if anyone (like me) ever did
> development for them and what kind of Non Disclosure Agreements we had
> to sign.
> I can only wonder what would motivate someone to make such a statement
> as you did.

As an example, Microsoft sold (now gives away) Microsoft Windows Services
for UNIX which is heavily based on "open source" OpenBSD code.

FTP software and TCP/IP networking code used with NT were also from open
source BSD code and actually contained the University of California
copyrights in the software.

> khawar@atrc.net.pk wrote:
> >Did people know that M$ has been selling open source for more than a
> >decade ?

   Jeremy C. Reed