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Re: [school-discuss] M$ SELLING Open Source.

This is no big secret; I doubt it would be violating anybody's non disclosure agreements with microsoft.

Also, as I understand, the BSD licensing scheme fully allows for people to profit from it in this way. So Microsoft has done no wrong with respects to using open source code from BSD.


Jeremy C. Reed wrote:

On Tue, 16 Mar 2004, Tom Adelstein wrote:

That's not true. You should check to see if anyone (like me) ever did
development for them and what kind of Non Disclosure Agreements we had
to sign.

I can only wonder what would motivate someone to make such a statement
as you did.

As an example, Microsoft sold (now gives away) Microsoft Windows Services
for UNIX which is heavily based on "open source" OpenBSD code.

FTP software and TCP/IP networking code used with NT were also from open
source BSD code and actually contained the University of California
copyrights in the software.

khawar@atrc.net.pk wrote:

Did people know that M$ has been selling open source for more than a
decade ?

Jeremy C. Reed