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Re: [school-discuss] M$ SELLING Open Source.

On Tuesday 16 March 2004 06:50 pm, Tom Adelstein wrote:
> Khawar
> That's not true.  You should check to see if anyone (like me) ever did
> development for them and what kind of Non Disclosure Agreements we had
> to sign.
> I can only wonder what would motivate someone to make such a statement
> as you did.

This presupposes that anyone has ever been told the truth about what M$ really 
does in its business, regardless of their business arrangement with them. I 
wonder what would motivate you to draw such a conclusion as you did.
> khawar@atrc.net.pk wrote:
> >Did people know that M$ has been selling open source for more than a
> >decade ?

Thank goodness for the GPL, which allows anyone, regardless of their moral 
standing, to be legally allowed to build a profitable business model on 
principles that M$ themselves claim will not allow a company to have a 
profitable business model under.