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[school-discuss] Project suggestions for 10-12 y.o. kids?

As someone who's worked largely in tech for the past decade (though some
say I _was_ a kid once myself), I'm now faced with the prospect of
creating an activity for a computer lab (~10 systems) for an equal
number of 10-12 y.o. kids.

The goal is educational.  The setting is an after-school program (not
a school program itself).  Initially, the systems are largely legacy MS
Windows, though the plan is to change this over time.  There are some
prepared materials for this sort of thing I'll have a chance to look
over tomorrow, though I haven't yet seen them.

What I'd like to focus on rather than specific technologies is the sort
of things other people do in a similar setting.  I haven't worked with
kids of this age since lifeguarding years back, absent a few spells with
neighbors kids and such (mostly roughhousing and horsing around).

Any tips greatly appreciated.


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