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Re: [school-discuss] Project suggestions for 10-12 y.o. kids?

Hi Karsten,
At 23:20 9-3-04 -0800, you wrote:
>As someone who's worked largely in tech for the past decade (though some
>say I _was_ a kid once myself), I'm now faced with the prospect of
>creating an activity for a computer lab (~10 systems) for an equal
>number of 10-12 y.o. kids.
A biased suggestion from the makers of Site@School. In our school those
kids make their own webpages.
Lots of fun, they learn technology and have something to be proud of and
can show their results to others. They make their papers and their 'fun
stuff' this way.
We use Site@School: http://siteatschool.sourceforge.net .
Good luck,