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[school-discuss] Site@School, CMS for primary schools, Version 2.1 released!

This is an advertisment for OSS/GPL software.

Site@School Version 2.1 released today!

Site@School, the website content management system for primary schools has
many new features and improvements in Version 2.1.

- THREE new modules: agenda, calendar and a formsbuilder module (*).
- Now available in 13 languages. Your colleagues in Spain, England, USA,
France, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Brazil, Turkey, China and
Japan also use Site@School. 
- Maximum of 99 homepages per pupil. Improved e-mail alerts for teachers
when pupils change pages.
- Every group in school can have it's own news pages.The intranet (only
accessible for teachers) can have it's own news pages.
- Simplified site management: every admin, teacher or pupil can manage
parts of the site with one username and password.
- Complete reorganisation of the site is made very simple.
- Teachers can manage their own classes and classes of colleagues.
- Improved installation for schools that do not have a server of their own
but use an ISP..
- Comprehensive manual with over 250 screenshots, describing every
operation in detail.
- A lively community with a Forum for your problems.
- Bugfixes, numerous small improvements, etc..
- See the complete list of features (link below).

- These modules were already available: guestbook, e-mail, news, pupils
pages, picture gallery, up/download of files, forum, advertisments,
sitemmap, search.
AGENDA: An agenda for everyone and every department: easy mangement of
multiple appointments in multiple agenda's, very intuitive usage,  fully
adaptable to the color scheme of your schoolsite.
CALENDAR: Multiple calendars, multiple ways of showing events, fully
adaptable to the layout and color scheme of your schoolsite.
FORMS BUILDER: Make your own forms on the site according to your

Siste@School remains Open Source Software, remains under the General Public
License, remains usable under Linux and Windows platforms and remains FREE.

Kind regards and lots of easy site management,
The Site@School Team

Site@School downloaden (Versie 2.1, user manual, etc.):

Site@School homepage: 

Complete list of features: