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RE: [school-discuss] Open Admin for Schools 1.20 released.

Hi Michael,

I have no problems with your mirroring, as long as you also place a link
to the main website (richtech.ca/openadmin) beside the download link as
well. This will allow users to jump to the other features like the demo
sites, documentation, etc. I only have a 128k uplink pipe so a bigger pipe
would help.

I really don't have anything else worthwhile for download currently,
although I may be working 1/2 time on OA in the next school year so
development will accelerate if the funding goes through. I am hopeful that
there will be more packages available then.


Les Richardson
Open Admin for Schools
H. Hardcastle School
Edam, SK, Canada

On Wed, 17 Mar 2004, Michael Thompson wrote:

> Hello Rich,
> I'm currently putting a downloads section up on my site and was wondering if
> it was ok to include OpenAdmin. I would also like to know if there was any
> other programs you would possibly like to mirror there. Please let me know.
> Michael  Thompson
> President/Founder
> Coded Future
> mthompson@codedfuture.com
> http://www.codedfuture.com
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> Subject: [school-discuss] Open Admin for Schools 1.20 released.
> Hi,
> I've released version 1.20 of Open Admin for Schools. The SDS
> integration code is still alpha quality, but I will be releasing mini
> updates to this as the feature set (and quality) improves. There are
> several structual changes to the tables to support required SDS functions.
> There are also many other small improvements and bug fixes over 1.10
> including improved monthly attendance reporting, rewritten transfer
> functions, etc.
> It is available at:
> http://richtech.ca/openadmin
> Please subscribe to the notification list if you would like to be updated
> on the release of new SDS modules.
> Les Richardson