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[school-discuss] Linux and Open Source in Academia (was: OpenOffice in education)

On Thursday 26 February 2004 07:09, Michael Viron wrote:

> Do we have any tutorials for openoffice.org? or any members who have built
> one?

I am not sure if I understand what you mean by tutorials for OOo. But I am 
writing a book about "Linux and Open Source in Academia". 

My target group is the non-technical students a highter education such a 
social science and humanities at university. People who need power tools for 
writing complex reports, dosen't care about computers or 1000 choises - but 
simpy "need something that just works". The idea is to present some concreat 
tools for doing everydays tasks.

The books is currently "in the making" in Danish, but I am willing to do an 
English edition if a book like this dosen't allready exist.

The danish edition:


Roskilde University, Denmark.
Department of Technology and Social Science.
International Development Studies.
ESST - Society, Science and Technology in Europe.