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[school-discuss] GEO Passes 10,000 Entries

--- GEO PRESS RELEASE 2004 #1 ---
GEO Passes 10,000 Entries (The Internet, March 24, 2004)

At 11:15 pm today, General Education Online (GEO,
http://www.findaschool.org) reached its goal of having 10,000 accredited
entries in its higher education directory by the end of 2004, having reached
10,028 records.  The goal was reached as part of an ongoing update of the
now nearly 4,000 entry United States list, and does not include nearly 5,000
schools currently still in the addition queue for countries around the

In an amazing spurt of activity, GEO volunteers have processed 4,254 of the
9,102 pending addition requests in about 2 1/2 weeks.  The number of
submissions 2004 year-to-date is nearly quintuple the number of submissions
for 2003, leading to turnaround times in excess of 3 weeks for some
requests.  Of the 4,254 addition requests processed so far, no more than 50%
were added into the directory -- mainly this occurs from improper formating,
submissions of unaccredited schools, and submissions of schools without web

General Education Online is a free and open resource database of links to
higher education facilities worldwide for researchers, students, teachers,
and others, hosted and sponsored by Simple End User Linux (SEUL,

Michael Viron
Project Manager & Primary Developer