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Re: [school-discuss] [Fwd: NECC 2004 Super Early-Bird RegistrationReminder]--Anyone going?

Hildy9 wrote:
Teachers keep reinventing-the-wheel.  Openoffice is taught over and over
again, not only in formal educaiton, but also in non-profits and in
for-profit companies.  My website's goal is to collect tutorials that can be
used in place of reinventing-the-wheel.
I agree that having a central repository of teaching resources is a good idea. One of the big stumbling blocks we've been having with using Manhattan vs. WebCT is the lack of content exchange and re-usable material available to teachers. I wonder if there are other sites out there with 'open' material that you could use to populate your own site with.

On a similar note, I've found the following site to be a great reference for writing technical documents:

Ian Paterson https://www.ipaterson.ca