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Re: [school-discuss] [Fwd: NECC 2004 Super Early-Bird Registration Reminder]--Anyone going?

Below is a copy of an E-Mail I sent to Jim Mabbott, Superintendent of
Riverdale School District 51J, Portland, OR

In regards promoting open source at the conference, how about promoting my
website with teachers?

"I have recently started a website www.tutorialsforopenoffice.org

Teachers keep reinventing-the-wheel.  Openoffice is taught over and over
again, not only in formal educaiton, but also in non-profits and in
for-profit companies.  My website's goal is to collect tutorials that can be
used in place of reinventing-the-wheel.

The website is new.  So far only three tutorials have been posted.  Under
New User is "No Computer Experience" and under Word Processing is "Styles &
Table of Contents" and "Create A Tutorial"

I am in the process of writing a tutorial on how to write a standardized
tutorial.  Also included is information on how to use a tutorial.  The
working draft is attached.  The .sxw is OpenOffice form and the .doc is
Microsoft format

Please take a look at the website and send your comments and suggestions.

Will you E-Mail me a tutorial that I can post on the website?

I am 73, a retired business owner, and have no interest in making money from
my website.

Walter Hildebrandt
Denver CO"

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> Doug Loss wrote:
> > I just got this via email.  Is anyone on the list going to this
> > conference?  If so, we should talk about how to work together to promote
> > open resources there!
> I'll be attending along with two other colleagues. We'll be doing a
> little blurb on Manhattan Virtual Classroom which I encourage all of you
> to come check out, after which you're free to go back to your regularly
> scheduled march through the conference to pick up some more free swag.
> -- 
> Ian Paterson                                  https://www.ipaterson.ca

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