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Re: [school-discuss]

Troy Banther wrote:

Hello Michael,

Actually my opinion of PLATO is mixed. It does certain things very well and others are less than desired. The newer and recent lessons are okay. But there is some legacy lessons.

I am not talking about the old CMI-based OLATO but the newer Pathways.

My understanding is the corporation that owns PLATO, namely The Roach Organization (TRO), also purchased CCC as-well-as Academic Systems. Marxist theory in action I guess or anarchic American capitalism at its best - take your pick.

I don't disagree with you or your studies. We are just showing gain where the student and technology are both combined. This is regardless of the platform.

My personal preference is the Kumon Method when it comes to Mathematics. But then again I don't believe that it is for everyone or evry location.

My goal is to locate software that covers all the basics in Adult Basic Education, GED, ESL, and developmental software that is not childish or offensive to adult learners and is also open source.


Troy, as it turned out, CCC was an additive model --- teacher taught, then computer drilled. With the Plato stuff, a subtractive model was used: teacher put some kids on just plato and taught others. In one environment all the title I. kids got palmed off on Plato, while the teacher satisfied her goal of showing significant gains for the better students. We reported that as de facto discrimination, since a great proportion of the Title I. kids were minority. I do believe both the teacher and the principal were not re-hired. By the way, my wife is designing grade school level finance modules to be taught by parents in line with the regular mathematics curriculum. She is a CPA/math type.
fn:Michael Dean