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[school-discuss] Talking Linux in School is a Serious Blunder!

I think that it is a major blunder to view any rational thrust into the schools adaptation of Open Source as a Linux initiative.  Especially when schools, who are goal and objective driven, must sift through thousands of duplicatory packages, many of dubious quality,  that comprise what I call the "kitchen sink" distros such as Redhat, Suse, Mandrake and Debian.  We must, instead look at open source as a collection of tools to bbe selected from the perspective of the teachers and admins.  We must produce an Educational System which is based on a minimalist, goal driven philosophy.  FreeBSD would work equally well in schools, and it has a more rational license.  I am collecting papers for an edited books on Transforming Schools Through Goal Driven Open Source Software.  Any educator, or professional who can produce any contribution to this title would be welcome to submit.  Thanks you.

 Michael Dean, CEO
SourceView Corporation
716 Alhambra Ave.
Martinez, CA 94553

SourceView enables customized, secure, web-based, user application computer servers and workstations for schools, nonprofits and small businesses.  Our philosophy, vision, goals and objectives require a goal-driven, minimalist Open Source (MIT/BSD licensed) distribution that contains the full OSI stack of applications. SourceView provides the initial customized reference distribution free-of-charge! Winin 30 miles of its Martinez office, SourceView will also donate up to 30 workstations and one server running its software to nonprofit schools at the K-8 level. SourceView also enables a structured, cryptographically based infrastructure for installation, weekly maintenance and upgrades that removes all posibility of successful security exploits, spam and other malicious software exploits and guarantees that each server is up to date.

fn:Michael Dean