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Re: [school-discuss] Micheal Dean (was Re: Talking Linux in School is a Serious Blunder!)

	List readers,
I'm sorry to have to comment on this *but* this is by far the
best illustration of my belief that BSD folks must be kept as far
away from children as possible, and if possible -- cared for.

Sorry for *hideous* off-topic but...

Drop all those bytes, technologies, flames and so on and just
compare these snippets (taken from awfully formatted single-
blocked piece of waste) to what you as fathers, mothers,
teachers would honestly love to teach our children to:

> ----- Forwarded message from Michael Dean <michaelldean@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> -----
> you are the last person with qualifications to site in
> judgement of me, my style or my comments.  You are the last
> person I intend to share mirth.

> You don't even talk like a human being, but rather some limited
> frustrated Lisp program created by the mad scientist.

> Why you glommed onto me, with my straightforward and concise
> statements of reality, I don't know.

> The student usually does not criticize the professor, which in
> reality, is our relationship, if any.

> Get an advanced degree before you attempt to produce advanced
> ideas.

> I am as sure that the woman you spoke of years ago was the last
> woman you dated, as I am sure that no self respecting female
> would now give you the time of day.  I laugh when I envision
> you confronting a smiling woman and you say: your smile does
> not parse.  And I, I would be sharing her bed.

> By the way, you live in my area, but if  should come face to
> face with you, my first temptation would be to coldcock your
> ass.

-- my comment on that is "Pride comes before a fall, Mr. Dean.
Your poor head with your useless degrees won't do you much favour
when you die and earn your worms and tortures for being on the
wrong side of the Truth."

Karsten, I'm a chemist.  Once in my youth there was a time I've
almost went to prepare some nitroglycerin (every component was at
home, and I know the *real* procedure, not the "terrorist's
cookbook" one) to kill off some bastards under my home who spoke
similar language even without degrees.

Thanks to my father who managed to calm me down to forgive them
and thanks God that I didn't do any harm to unsuspecting bastards
-- they've earned their share of trouble quite on their own.

 ---- WBR, Michael Shigorin <mike@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  ------ Linux.Kiev http://www.linux.kiev.ua/

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