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[school-discuss] Politeness and maturity

OK folks, this is the final notice.  Michael Dean, your attack on
Karsten Self was uncalled for.  Karsten wasn't making any comments about
you specifically, but about the problems I occasionally inadvertently
insert in my approvals and forwardings of emails from unsubscribed
addresses to the list.  If you don't refrain from such ad hominem
attacks I will summarily unsubscribe you from this list.  I don't like
to have to enforce civility, but if you can't act like adults I will.

Tom Adelstein, I don't think anyone else has any particular problem with
Karsten having opinions about his preferred software.  I certainly
don't.  You don't have to agree with everything he, or anyone, says, but
you should read and give consideration to their thoughts.  If you want
to post thoughtful disagreements to him that's fine, but something on
the nature of agree with me or be quiet isn't such a post.

Karsten, I understand advocacy and have occasionally been guilty of
over-the-top rhetoric myself.  (No!  Not you, Doug! :)) )  You might
want to tone down the paeans of praise for your preferred distros and

Folks, I take a long time to get irritated, but it's happened.  I will
now enforce civility here.  Don't make me have to unsubscribe you!

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