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[school-discuss] Re: Politeness and maturity

on Thu, Mar 24, 2005 at 06:47:05PM -0500, Doug Loss (drloss@xxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> OK folks, this is the final notice.  Michael Dean, your attack on
> Karsten Self was uncalled for.  Karsten wasn't making any comments about
> you specifically, but about the problems I occasionally inadvertently
> insert in my approvals and forwardings of emails from unsubscribed
> addresses to the list.  If you don't refrain from such ad hominem
> attacks I will summarily unsubscribe you from this list.  I don't like
> to have to enforce civility, but if you can't act like adults I will.
> Tom Adelstein, I don't think anyone else has any particular problem with
> Karsten having opinions about his preferred software.  I certainly
> don't.  You don't have to agree with everything he, or anyone, says, but
> you should read and give consideration to their thoughts.  If you want
> to post thoughtful disagreements to him that's fine, but something on
> the nature of agree with me or be quiet isn't such a post.
> Karsten, I understand advocacy and have occasionally been guilty of
> over-the-top rhetoric myself.  (No!  Not you, Doug! :)) )  You might
> want to tone down the paeans of praise for your preferred distros and
> apps. 
> Folks, I take a long time to get irritated, but it's happened.  I will
> now enforce civility here.  Don't make me have to unsubscribe you!

Thanks for the injection of sanity/civility, Doug.

I'm genuinely trying to assist in what appears to be a well-intended
attempt to move a school district in my area toward GNU/Linux.
Particulars on both hardware and district would be useful.

On technical matters:  I call 'em like I see 'em, sometimes a little too
loudly.  My main gripes are access to docs -- if you've got any sway at
Novell in this regard, pass on the info.

As for the column....  Good idea ;-)


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