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Re: [school-discuss] "Educating Tux" + IT apathy

This seems to be a common theme I'm encountering in my research. I'd like to
call it culture shock but I don't think it is even that. There is a great
reticence among educators to entertain anything (in terms of IT) but what they
already know. This is quite a shame as teachers should be constantly learning.

I think part of it is an attitude that computers are a distraction from
teaching - wasted effort; causing problems rather than being the great tool
that was touted. This could be true - particularly with the headaches
associated with Windows PC. Perhaps after having been forced to incorporate
computers into classes, teachers are reluctant to put in another minute of
effort. Once bitten, twice shy.

Not being a teacher I'd appreciate teachers points of view on why there seems
to be such apathy from teachers surrounding computers. If you have seen any
good ways to overcome it, even better.

--- jim stockford <jim@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

>     i read it and found the most interesting, informative
> info within the readers' comments on page three.
>     the "mixed bag" part has to do with teachers and
> administrators resisting any change away from what
> they've already learned (windows). as to intrinsic
> experiences with F/OSS, i read the article as presenting
> only positives, no negatives.
> >   http://www.itwire.com/content/view/16984/1141/

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