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Re: [school-discuss] "Educating Tux" + IT apathy

--- Marilyn Hagle <marilyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hey . . . what do you think about hosting a fine arts gallery for student
> work
> created with FOSS?  Have we talked about this already?  I am not big into
> contests where there is only one winner . . . but a celebration of student
> achievement with some positive critiques.  I could send you some pretty cool
> student generated Blender, Gimp, and Cinelerra files - then to the local
> people we can say "look at this!"

My evil side says this would be great. If only the application source files
were submittable then it would require running the applications to appreciate
the end-product. This would provide a forced introduction to FOSS programs.

But that's the sort of user lock-in nonsense that I detest and I don't want to
lower myself to such.

A trade-off would be to provide low-res previews in standard form, but the
complete creations really can only be fully appreciated in their source form.

A web-based gallery of achievements CC licensed (like openclipart.org) could
form the foundation of creative building blocks across districts and globally.
If kids can take what someone already did and build on it then it is less
arduous and more fun. Think of a library of blender or inkscape components that
kids are really free to reuse and have fun with - to publish, etc. Imagine the
educational opportunities. Kids from Iowa modifying a blender file created in
New Zealand or Samoa or Peru: cultural exchange, geographical perspective,
introductions to IT (how did that file get here?), etc.

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