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[school-discuss] Organizations Growing Dumber

James P. Kinney, writing about people
in charge who shouldn't be, described
the desire of these turkeys . . .
>to keep the current position secure by making
>certain that the next crop of underlings is not
>going to threaten the upper positions by figuring
>out what the boss doesn't know. That mentality is
>endemic (or should that be pandemic?) and over 10
>years the IT organization grows dumber.

This is a modern and higher-tech version of a
syndrome that the great C. Northcote Parkinson
eloquently described decades ago:


As with so many other things, the addition of
networked computers simply allows the problems
to spread more quickly and widely. The presence
of large corporations making lots of money from
these destructive forces is, of course, a very
significant aggravating factor.


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