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[school-discuss] FLOSS, Art, &c

One possible way to work on the FLOSS/art angle
is to integrate it with community activities.
Here in Missouri, for example, there is this:


Get in contact with groups in your local area
(maybe some already connected to your school?)
who are using art to help out at-risk kids and
similar disadvantaged people. Demonstrate what
can be done in digital art with FLOSS tools.
Push the budget issues.

In a somewhat related area: I was on the phone
with the top tech guy at ArtsTech's Computer
Redistribution Program (link on the page above)
and I learned from him that most of the people
with disabilities who are supposed to be helped
by the program are asking for M$ Windows boxes,
which--of course--drastically limits what is
available. I think there may be a really great
opportunity here, if it can be developed right.
The contact person is Ricardo Fierro; contact
info is on this page:


A couple of other relevant sites:



Best of luck.


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