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[school-discuss] Homeschooling & FLOSS

It seems to me that we are at a good point to
start asking some Bigger Picture questions:

How broad is the involvement of homeschooling
families/groups with FLOSS, and vice versa?

Are there any especially noteworthy patterns to
FLOSS usage by homeschooling families/groups?

Are there any particular kinds of software
that still need to be written to help with the
special needs of homeschooling families/groups?

Should a dedicated homeschooling section be set
up on the SchoolForge web site?

And here's a query that may not be quite so
Big Picture--in fact, this is my own personal
Ulterior Motive question:

Would any collection of homeschooling groups be
willing and able to pool together some money and
hire a telecommuting geek to help out with
tech support, special projects, and the like?

Heck--it never hurts to ask. :-)


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