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Re: [school-discuss] Not Just Home Schooling

While this is the beginning of the thread, and I've read other replies...

The "dustyscript" project (pretty much back-burnered) was a tool to teach my own child principles of programming.

That child {Dustin aka 'Dusty'}, and my three others, are home schooled.

Confessing to not have tried OpenAdmin ... I do know that certain states have more and less restrictive guidelines for homeschooling. Some require specific subjects be taught, others require attendance, accreditation and lesson plans, etc.. So I could imagine MUCH of what I see going on with SchoolForge being of great use to the HomeSchool 'Community'.

One thing to bear in mind is that there is not one "type" of home schooler. We all choose to educate our children for differing reasons. Many feel that faith base learning is missing in public school, and that certain morals and ethics are not being passed to their children...

Many do so for other reasons -- ADHD labels .. or real medical conditions .. etc...

Many do so because they feel the system itself is incapable of producing anything other than sheep, except by accident.

Some do so for a mixture of those reasons and many other...

Some use a strict curriculum, some use none... and some use in between.

Hope that helps in  some way.


Joel Kahn wrote:
Here's an article I strongly recommend reading:


While home schooling may not be on your radar screen, the
central principle imposed here--"that states may insist
not only that all children receive an education, but also
that the education they receive must satisfy reasonable
state standards"--deserves close attention by all people
involved in *any* kind of education. That "reasonable
state standards" thing has been a minefield for decades,
and the cases mentioned in this article may have very
broad implications down the road.


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