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Re: [school-discuss] New Software Needed?

I've actually had my wife pose this question to the Homeschooling support group we belong to... to see what would be of potential value that may be missing (or unknown) F/OSS...

Joel Kahn wrote:
I asked:

Are there any particular kinds of software
that still need to be written to help with the
special needs of homeschooling families/groups?

Jim Wildman answered:

I think everything I would have ever wanted is available.

And Gary Dunn responded to Jim:

You need to raise your expectations. Almost nothing
I want is available, commercial or FOSS.

Could you elaborate, Gary? Your site at openslate.net
provides some clues, I think, but I would like more
details about what you believe is lacking. Not that
I'm about to jump in and write it overnight--certainly
not all by myself--but I think it would be useful to
understand the dissatisfactions that exist. After all,
"dissatisfactions" should really be just another way
of saying "opportunities." :-)


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