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Re: [school-discuss] IDEC OnLine ideas

--- Malc <malcdow@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The web site is very coy about the nuts and bolts.
> mythTV looks interesting, I didn't know about it. So thanks for the
> tip.
> My interest is in finding a simple solution for this:
> http://thebluecrane.com/idec-online

Given the potential audience size and data delivery requirements it would
require some sort of distributed content delivery system with real-time
feedback collection.

I read recently about a somewhat similar project completed by some courts of
justice for providing physically remote court sittings. Sorry I cannot remember
the jurisdiction.

Given the potential amount of feedback, to work effectively it would also need
a comment moderation framework like slash (as powers http://slashdot.org ).

For the delivery - how about a script to automatically encode and upload 1
minute segments to youtube.com. This would provide delivery and archiving and
even user driven mashups if CC-like licensing was used. The URLs to the new
clips could be delivered in real-time via an RSS feed for each session allowing
continuous viewing of any number of sessions concurrently.

An IRC channel might be a useful addition for post-presentation discussion

You might want to look at the capabilities of the Flock browser and other
social networking-related systems. They tend to be built around this model of
content distribution and real-time feedback.


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