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Re: [school-discuss] Asus Eee PCs in Australian Schools

If you don't mind I'll forward this email to Linux Users Victoria education SIG
as there are members of that group who may have valuable info.

You might want to contact Kamloops BC School District 73 (SD73). They have an
extensive linux rollout converting the entire school district. They may have
some Eee PCs in that mix.

You can read some of my correspondence with them here:


The out-of-date website can be found here


--- andrew_hendry@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hello,
> My name is Andrew Hendry, Im a journo from Computerworld Australia. Im 
> trying to find out some schools that have 
> rolled out the ASUS Eee PC running on either Linux or Windows to its 
> students. I am hoping to get in touch with several schools that have 
> rolled out Eee PCs with Linux or Windows to gauge what benefits each 
> operating system has in a learning environment. For example, an ASUS 
> spokesperson told me Linux had been more popular with younger students for 
> its "intuitive interface", while Windows was more popular with older kids 
> who were more familiar with the Microsoft OS and because it complemented 
> existing Microsoft based systems.
> Can anyone suggest to me some schools that have rolled out Eee PCs that I 
> can get in touch with? Or even any kinds of computers with running Linux?
> Cheers,
> Andrew Hendry
> Journalist
> IDG Communications Australia (Publishers of Computerworld, PC World, Linux 
> World)
> +612 9902 2711 

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