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[school-discuss] Replacement Hard Drive or Computer

I'm seeing signs that the hard drive on my Windows XP dinosaur may be
reaching its final days. My wife and I have a computer replacement budget
between tiny and zero, so I'm looking at scrounging either a drive or a whole
CPU from wherever I can get it. The model we have is a Gateway DX110X;
its a simple mini-tower. I *think* the HD runs off a standard EIDE interface
from circa 2006. Whether we get just the drive or a different box, I'm guessing
we'll be "forced" from Microsoft to Linux or BSD or whatever; my wife will
gripe because she'll have to learn a different environment than what she's
used to at school (no more Internet Explorer at home), but she knows that
us beggars can't be choosers.

Our monitor, keyboard, and mouse are fine; in the worst case, all I'd be
looking for would be the basic box. Naturally, I'll take as much RAM and
processor speed as I can get, but we're just looking for web browsing,
word processing, and a bit of image handling. If we can run Youtube
videos without a crash, we'd be pretty much set.

Her brother serves on the school board for the same district where
she's an art teacher. If they get to see some FLOSS in action, there
might be broad beneficial side effects.

Does anyone out there have something functional tucked away that
you've been wanting to dump anyhow?

I hope to hear from someone soon.


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