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Re: [school-discuss] Open Source CD distribution

LibreOffice is now the default office application with Ubuntu Linux and its variations Edubuntu, Kubuntu, etc.  I'm using it now and find that it's identical in function and appearance to OpenOffice.  There was apparently a rift at OpenOffice that led to creation of LIbreOffice. 

In regards to open source applications to run on Wndows, you should consider what I've referred to as "learning environments.  Which to choose depends on your target audience.  Primary teachers would find Gcompris and Childsplay to be great tools for use as teaching aids and for assessment of knowledge and skills.  Teachers of older students might find Etoys to be a good choice.  Etoys is a collection of programs aimed at building probelm solving skills and even integrates a simple computer programming application.  Tux4Kids is a loose collection of programs aimed at younger learners and includes a typing tutor, paint and math applications.  I hope this helps.

Chris Whittum

Christopher D. Whittum
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On 03/16/2012 10:13 AM, Jim Jütte wrote:
This might take a bit of time, but what about creating a collection based on opinions here. For example, you yourself already know that LibreOffice is out there now... you could simply download that and place it on a CD along with other recommendations. Just a thought.