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Re: [school-discuss] Open Source CD distribution

On 3/17/12, David Bucknell <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> *** I like this idea.  I would just like to say that I hope that while we
> focus on groups that have slow access or none (a number of people on this
> list deal with the related issue of not having hardware), we _also_ consider
> ways to compete for mind share with those who do have good access and do not
> care about price.

Agreed.  We want to reach everyone we can.  Usually, it's the people
without good access that get left out when it comes to Open Source.
That's why I'm focusing on that for now.  Would be nice if the
solutions we find work well for all groups, but if we have to outline
solutions for different groups each with their own special
circumstances, that's good too.  Don't want us to leave anyone out.

> 4. You wrote:
> "I'd really like to see us put together some information/brainstorm ideas on
> best ways to get custom software (software that's built from scratch or has
> custom settings or fixes) out to educators in a user friendly manner ... "
> *** What do you have in mind -- sounds like helping people to build from
> source on their own systems?

I'm working on customizations on the style of something like the
Beyond Linux From Scratch project.  However, to me, customizations
could just be tweaking your desktop background look or gtkthemes,
adding easier to read fonts or customizing the settings in your
text/programming editor or grouping a bunch of applications together
efficiently (maybe with a little script) to get a task done.  It's
anything that doesn't come out of the box with a particular Linux or
BSD distribution.

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