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Re: [school-discuss] Open Source CD distribution

On 3/18/12, Daniel Villarreal <yclwebmaster@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> apt-offline is an Offline APT Package Manager
> Also see apt-zip...
> Also see aptoncd...

I thought keryx looked potentially useful and probably easier to
implement a solution with than the various apt tools.  I also have a
whole article I wrote on how to sneaker-net with a Debian system:

> See customdeb, debtree, packagesearch, and paco, while you're at it. I
> highly suggest running synaptic if possible and look up search terms,
> such as
> "debian," "package," etc.

I've checked them and several other resources.  Not having much luck
creating my own packages with any of them at this point.  I'll keep
plugging along on this though.

Thanks for the suggestions.  Look forward to reading your article.

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