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Re: [school-discuss] Passwords for kids?


"I don't trust my university students with a shared directory, and I dread to 
think what would happen with six-year-olds."

Yea Robin, I see your point.

I wouldn't want any of those six-year-olds overwriting each others PowerPoint 
presentations or Excel spreadsheets or even their early notes for their 

Just joking...

Anyway, at our school we don't take responsibility for the data that the 
students store on the server.  That storage is there for their convenience.  
They are taught to keep copies of their work on a floppy so they can continue 
working on it at home.  This system works quite well and the students are 
brought up in that environment from the start of school through the 8th grade.

Logins and passwords are something we do not want to deal with.  We have a 
very limited technology support structure and we don't need to further burden 
it with 500+ logins and passwords.  We draw the line at technology and 
provide all the means for the students to get their work done on time and 
within the schedule.  We do not allow a student to blame the lack of 
technology or the malfunction of technology on the fact that the student 
didn't get his work done on time.  If we were to provide 500+ logins and 
passwords we would open up a whole new can of worms and all the necessary 
support requirements on top of that.

As you see, we try to keep things simple and functional by teaching 
responsibility at the student level.

Good luck and sorry about the joke.  Couldn't resist :-)


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> Stewart M. Ives wrote:
> > Karsten,
> > 
> > Gee, why compound your problem with passwords and logging on??  Why not 
> > have a shared drive out on the server and be done with it.
> Perhaps because the kind of student who has problems logging on is 
> also the kind who could easily overwrite other students' files by 
> mistake. I don't trust my university students with a shared 
> directory, and I dread to think what would happen with six-year-olds.
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