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Re: [school-discuss] Passwords for kids?


Gee, why compound your problem with passwords and logging on??  Why not just 
have a shared drive out on the server and be done with it.

If you must have separate directories for each kid then just make the 
directories and let them click into their own directory when they save 
something to the public drive.

I can't imagine you creating all of the separate user accounts under WXP on 
each machine much less trying to manage all of this on the server.  If you 
are not dealing in national secrets and the formula for the next solid rocket 
booster then keep things simple and be done with it.  A single shared drive 
amoung the students would suffice.  You can give another login for teachers 
that has a private teachers section.

We run about 100 PC's in a K-8 school and have a single login for ALL kids 
computers.  They get a map to the shared kids drive and each class has their 
own direcotry on the shared drive to store stuff it.  If the kids store it 
elsewhere then they have to go find it.  It happens once and after that 
everything seems to get stored in the right place.

Things are complicated enough w 540 students, 100 PC's, and everything else, 
we try to keep things as simple and as unrestrictive as possible.

Good luck, it seems you will need it to get your lower grade students logged 
in properly.

Hey, have I mentioned the lunch money hassle??  They proposed a system where 
each student would have a secret password to type in when they got their 
lunch so the charge for the lunch would go against their account.  Try 
getting a line of hungry K or 1st or 2nd graders through the line with that 
system.  NOT!!!!!  Don't get me started....


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> Sort of an oddball question, but...
> I'm working in a youth center with a ten-system computer lab, 80+ 
> kids using it so far, Samba domain.
> Kids are anywhere from 6 to 18.
> _Most_ of them can deal with passwords.  A few can't spell their own
> names (and most of 'em could use better typing skillz -- not to mention
> a far more discriminating taste in music....).
> But for a fair number of 'em, particulary the younger set, and a few
> others with learning disabilities, remembering passwords seems to be
> beyond the possible.  Anyone have experience with setting up accounts
> for kids?
> Primary login is WinXP.  Even here, the three-field login (username,
> pass, logon target (workstation/domain) is confusing.
> Peace.
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