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[school-discuss] RFP for porting existing BB course to opensource

To SchoolForge list members:

Our non-profit tax-exempt educational R&D organization (http://www.concord.org) has released an RFP for porting an existing 13-week online teacher professional course (topic: Linear Algebra), currently hosted on BlackBoard, to open source courseware platforms.  We have forwarded the following letter to 27 groups/projects.  I am posting it here to let community members know.  Please forward to interested parties.

All answers to questions we share with any specific group must also be shared with all other parties interested in the RFP.  The mechanism we are using to ensure this is to respond to questions sent to rfp-rtt-platform@concord.org by  edited the questions so as to remove specific information identifying your group and answer this question.  Question and answer have been appended to the Question section at the end of the online rtt-platform RFP located here:


Please feel free to post follow-up questions to rfp-rtt-platform@concord.org.

--Stephen Bannasch


May 20, 2004

Dear Potential Bidder,

The Concord Consortium (www.concord.org) is a nonprofit educational research and development organization based in Concord, Massachusetts. The Concord Consortium creates interactive materials that exploit the power of information technologies. The primary goal of our work is digital equity - improving technology-based learning opportunities for all students. As part of this work, the Concord Consortium is developing online courses in mathematics for teachers of high school algebra called Ready to Teach (RTT), funded by the U.S. Department of Education (see: http://RTT.pbs.org/RTT/). The Concord Consortium desires to explore open and community-source course delivery platforms that can meet the unique needs of this project. 

In Phase I of developing this platform, we are inviting bids from one or more interested parties for a demonstration, specification of transfer of existing materials, and a description how your group might meet our Phase II needs.  We intend to fund up to four Phase I proposals with a budget maximum of $40,000.

The successful contractor will develop a demonstration of a platform by porting the materials for an existing RTT course and specifying their strategy to accomplish our Phase II goals.  In addition to the platform goals described in the document: rtt_platform_phase2.doc we are interested in the, development schedule, costs, licensing terms, and hosting options for a transfer of the Ready to Teach course materials to a new platform. 

Please view the full RFP with the following attachments online at: http://fc.concord.org/rfp/    
To assist you in completing the RFP process, we have provided the following documents:
- Request for Proposal: rtt_platform_rfp.doc
- Description of the existing materials: rtt_platform_course_spec.doc 
- Our goals for Phase II: rtt_platform_phase2.doc
- Vendor Agreement Template
- folder of content materials: content/
-	folder of documentation of materials: doc/

Please review the proposal process carefully and submit any questions that you have to rfp-platform  @concord.org before submitting your bid. Answers will be shared with all invited bidders via the website.  

Note the requirements in the section called "3. RFP Process." All the components describe there must be submitted within your proposal in order for it to be considered, we will not review proposals that do not contain this information.  

Thank you for your consideration.  We look forward to receiving your proposal. 


Robert Tinker, President


   Stephen Bannasch
   Director of Technology, Concord Consortium
   10 Concord Crossing, Suite 300, Concord, MA 01742
   direct: 978 371 3477, fax: 978 371 0696, main: 978 369 4367
   http://www.concord.org  mailto:stephen@concord.org