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[school-discuss] Re: General Feedback

 I would like to suggest that TomSnyder.com, as a division of Scholastic,
consider producing for unix/linx as an extention of producing for MacOS-X
which is based on BSD Unix.

If your development team would like some perspectives and assistance, we can
offer tools and experiences at no cost to TomSnyder.com   Of course it is
entirely to assist schools in migrating to a platform that is more stable
and has better cost efficencies.

If there is less money spent aquiring the operating system and tools to keep
it secure, there is more availible for really cool software.  And the kids
can learn more with the cool software running on a stable platform.

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Bill Ries-Knight   ***   Stockton, CA.

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Dear Bill,

We do not offer any software for Unix/ Linux. I do believe that we offer
what we find mainly in K-12 schools which is Windows and Macintosh machines.
Please feel free to contact us with any other questions or concerns.

Yours in great teaching,


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what products do you produce that run on Unix or Linux platforms. If you do
not produce any such software, why not.