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Re: [school-discuss] Re: Passwords for kids?

Karsten M. Self wrote:
You'd be surprised ;-)  Though some sort of domain-word memorization
might be helpful.  Fruits, animales, etc.  Not working too well ATM.
Team pairing is my current preferred solution.
A few years ago I was considering a solution that might work for you.
Radio Shack used to give away an invasion of privacy product called a
"CueCat" - it's basically a bar code scanner.  With the software that
came with it, people were expected to scan a barcode and it would
connect them (and the unique serial number in the device) to a web site
with info on that product.  It did not catch on.

But the FOSS community was able to write their own drivers for this
device, making it operate as just a barcode scanner. There were two
flavors of the CueCat - a keyboard wedge (sits between the keybaord and
PC) and a USB version.

The idea is to get some of these (that's the hardest part) and then make
id cards with barcode-encoded username/password pairs.

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