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Re: [school-discuss] English teacher apps

Hello Quentin
I use style and diction daily. I've been looking at how to set regex into the search params of diction to make sure students don't end a sentence with prepositions, for example.

Style needs a better reporting scheme too... some kind of app/ script that can take all of a students papers and process their style reports into a database for better growth tracking.

OS education tools need to make jobs easier for teachers in order to get more pull in the district office board room discussions. I don't know if you saw that the State of Indiana is now using an electronic essay grading system... OS could / should cobble something that does half of that App and make it available to teachers... /dream


Quentin Smith wrote:
On Tue, 25 May 2004, Dennis Daniels wrote:

Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 18:07:01 -0700
From: Dennis Daniels <ddaniels@magic.fr>
Reply-To: schoolforge-discuss@schoolforge.net
To: schoolforge-discuss@schoolforge.net
Subject: Re: [school-discuss] English teacher apps

Hello Hans,
I'm looking for apps that help my students and I analyze sentence structures, correct word use and, if possible, make it easier for me to develop vocabulary quizzes using dict for example. I've got a little over 600 vocab questions for various books but I'd like to get a script that would help me create fill in the blank type quizzes using the text from Project Gutenberg. I've outlined a bit of the script here:

If anyone has the time to help me on that it could be a real time saver for teachers of all ilk :)

Hans, do you have any recommendations on not-so-difficult to use stand alone UNIX friendly apps that could help students analyze their sentences for correctness?

style and diction are two GNU apps for writing analysis. Style will
analyze the writing as a whole. Diction will analyze each sentence for
correct grammar. They're included in some distributions; if not, you can
get them from http://www.gnu.org/software/diction/diction.html

Hope this helps,

P.S. Here's a sample style run on some text I have lying around:
readability grades:
         Kincaid: 8.4
         ARI: 8.4
         Coleman-Liau: 9.9
         Flesch Index: 68.2
         Fog Index: 11.4
         Lix: 39.1 = school year 6
         SMOG-Grading: 10.5
sentence info:
         1701 characters
         390 words, average length 4.36 characters = 1.42 syllables
         21 sentences, average length 18.6 words
         42% (9) short sentences (at most 14 words)
         19% (4) long sentences (at least 29 words)
         1 paragraphs, average length 21.0 sentences
         0% (0) questions
         66% (14) passive sentences
         longest sent 46 wds at sent 16; shortest sent 1 wds at sent 21
word usage:
         verb types:
         to be (15) auxiliary (4)
         types as % of total:
         conjunctions 6% (22) pronouns 6% (25) prepositions 15% (59)
         nominalizations 2% (6)
sentence beginnings:
         pronoun (5) interrogative pronoun (0) article (7)
         subordinating conjunction (0) conjunction (0) preposition (2)

And here's part of a diction run:
hercules.txt:6: The page [may -> = Do not confuse with "can".] have
changed since that Time.

hercules.txt:9: Google is not affiliated with [the authors -> we] of this
page [nor -> Restrict to following "neither", but do not use instead of
"or" in negative expressions.] for responsible [its -> = "it is" or
"its"?] content.

hercules.txt:19: It is the oldest monument, it illustrates and
[representative of -> represents] A Corunna and main element of his

hercules.txt:22: It is the [only -> Put "only" right before the word it
modifies.] Roman light that exists in the world and that continues acting
[its -> = "it is" or "its"?] as.

hercules.txt:24: [Its -> = "it is" or "its"?] light has been datum point
for the navigators from century II.

hercules.txt:25: The present style that presents/displays the Tower must
to works made [between -> (choose "between" 2 options and "among" 3 or
more)] years 1788 and 1791 under the direction of the Lieutenant of Navio
Eustaquio Giannini.

hercules.txt:28: The interior of the Tower [can -> (do not confuse with
"may")] be visited.