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Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 16:42:21 -0400

Thank you so much Randy. You have answered my question. I have heard
Koha is good library automation software.
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        Subject: Re: [school-discuss] library conversion to open source
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        brad wrote:
        > Our school district uses commercial library automation
        software. Our =
        > technology director would like to convert  to open source
        software. =
        > Anyone have success converting a commercial library database
        to open =
        > source?
            IMHO, the first question is what open source package will
        you convert to?
            The standard for library data is a format called MARC.  If
        commercial package handles MARC exports an open source package
        like Koha 
        <http://www.koha.org> can easily import the data.
        Doug Loss <drloss@suscom.net>
Doug Loss <drloss@suscom.net>