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[school-discuss] Free Image Gallery...

Hi Guys,

First and foremose, I hope you don't consider this as SPAM. :)

I found a cool resource from Kodak. It's a tool that artists, woodworkers, teachers, students, researchers, parents, soldiers... or whoever can use.

This link lets you sign up for a free Kodak Easy-Share Gallery where you can upload and share digital pictures (and you can get 10 free prints when you join) and other images. It doesn't look like it here, but the links actually takes you to the Kodak web site (I use "tinyurl.com" to make long links smaller).

And you can even have your pictures put onto cups and mousepads and stuff (like the CafePress web site).

I found it because a fellow wood carver (Russ at California Carvers) has hundreds of his pieces online -- and you can click a "slideshow" button and it continuously shows his gallery. REALLY cool. You can have a gallery of all of your school (or classroom)... or you can break it into folders (a school gallery cold have a folder for each teacher... or a class gallery could have a folder for art projects, classroom snapshots, etc.). Family, friends, parents, colleagues can view (and even have prints made if they wish) the galleries. (Obviously you can use it for snapshots of family, pets, etc. as well... but I'm thinking of an easy-to-update place to show off our classrooms.)

This might be worth checking out to see if it's something we can use. The price is right, anyway. :D

Anyway... just thought I would pass it along. Again, sorry if you received this and didn't want it.